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Hello !

As a French amateur photographer, I created this website in 2005 to share my passion for travel and photography. My aim is not purely photographic, I just hope to help you discover the wonders which surround us, whether nearby or on the other side of the world. However, I hope to provide you with quality images by trying to go further than simple souvenir pictures.

Born in 1977, I started with photography and its technical concepts very early on with a Russian manual camera - the Zenit-E and then with the Canon AE-1. After a long period without regular practice I returned to photography at the age of 20 - mainly in black and white. Responsible for a small student photo club, I could spend long days in the dark of the lab. I discovered my passion for travel by the end of my studies and left photography somewhat to one side during the years which followed.

In 2004, with the purchase of my first digital SLR - the Canon 300D, I truly discovered a great passion for photography. Now my camera never leaves my side during any of my travels!

Photography and travel have become inseperable and indispensable and upon every return my desire to leave again is even stronger. I try to escape as often as possible, usually with my girlfriend but sometimes alone, no particular planning or organization, equipped with only a backpack and my wits. I shun the travel tours and large groups and rent the services of an agency only if I have no choice (treks in the desert for example).

Native from eastern France (Alsace-Moselle), after a passage in Haute-Normandie, I settled in 2000 in the city of Lyon. I fell in love with this town, its exceptional architectural heritage, its pleasant districts where life is enjoyable... I think of it as a paradise for the photographer!

I hope you enjoy your time browsing on this website. I also hope that you can feel some of the emotions that I felt in taking and developing these images. Feel free to contact me whether to make a comment, report a bug or if you simply have a question.

Sébastien Berrut

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